Our Technology

In order to get the optimal benefits from state-of-the-art dental treatment, patients must have access to the most advanced technology available. Our practice has been deliberate about incorporating technology into every aspect of the treatment process so that our patients achieve the best possible outcomes.

Technology touches on all facets of dental care, from record keeping to imaging to treatments. We have invested in many types of technology in order to improve your treatment experience.

How Technology Can Help You Achieve Your Smile Goals

Whether you want to restore a damaged or missing tooth or just enhance your appearance, some sort of dental technology is likely available to help you achieve that goal.

Technology can give us a better view of the area in need of treatment so that we can more effectively plan for the intervention. Imaging technology can also help us to predict the likelihood that a procedure, such as dental implant placement, will be successful.

We will also use technology like electronic handpieces, ultrasonic instruments and intraoral cameras to provide care more efficiently. Our ability to create certain appliances and restorations in-house also helps us work toward that goal.

Dr. Johnson showing dental x-ray | Oklahoma City OK | CJ Dental Studio

Imaging Technology

Before we even begin treatment, we use the following technology to help us get a better view of the treatment field:

Digital Radiography
Every year, we take a set of x-rays to view surfaces of your teeth that aren’t readily visible to the naked eye, as well as some of the facial bones. With digital radiography, we are able to capture and store those images electronically. We can adjust the images to get different views as needed to inform the treatment plan, and digital x-rays expose our patients to lower levels of radiation. This process is also safer for our staff and the environment, who no longer need to handle dangerous chemicals in order to develop the films.

Intraoral cameras
These devices give the dentist an additional tool for looking for decay or damage present in teeth. Intraoral cameras can give us images of every millimeter of the smile, helping us to locate a cavity or a crack in a tooth that might be missed otherwise.

Technology Used In Interventions

Technology influences every type of treatment provided in our office, from preventive care to restorations or cosmetic enhancements. They may improve treatment efficiency, patient comfort, aesthetic outcomes, or all of the above. In some cases, we are able to provide minor tooth movements to better align teeth. We also partner with local orthodontists for more advanced orthodontic needs. Here are just a few examples of the types of technology featured at our practice:

Electric handpieces:
We use these because they are quieter and more efficient.

Ultrasonic cleaners help us to provide prophylaxis (dental cleaning) in a shorter session, especially for patients who have significant tartar accumulation.

Rotary endodontic handpiece:
Rotary endodontic instruments allow us to provide root canal therapy with minimal discomfort for patients. Many patients report that the sensation associated with a root canal is similar to having a cavity filled.

In house fabrication of mouthguard appliances:
Mouthguards worn during sports or while asleep are valuable tools for preventing damage to your teeth.

Metal-free fillings:
The latest tooth-colored composite materials used in tooth restorations are more attractive and safer, eliminating potentially toxic mercury from the mix and allowing the dentist to keep more healthy tooth material intact when placing the filling.

Zoom advance power in office whitening:
We use UV light to activate the bleaching agents used in our teeth whitening treatment, which makes it achieve its full effect in about an hour.

Commitment To Maximizing The Benefits Of Technology

Our commitment to the newest technology is evident as soon as you enter our office and see the sleek flat screen televisions in our waiting room and notice the computers used to maintain patient records.

This is just the beginning, though. Our staff is always working to improve dental care and exploring how innovative technology can help us to do that.

We are constantly looking for additional ways to leverage technology. As dentists, we are required to complete a certain number of continuing education credits, and we choose to dedicate at least a portion of those courses to learn about new technology being used in dental medicine.

Ultimately, our commitment to technology is just another way to demonstrate our dedication to providing the highest level of dental care to our patients. Remember that your care and well-being is always our priority, whether it involves technology or any other element of our practice.

To learn more about how we integrate technology into our dental practice and how it can benefit you, call our office. We are happy to give you any information that you want in order to improve your care.